Bettina Y. Jiang​

Featured Works

Two Poems of Song Dynasty (2012)

for Soprano, Flute and Piano
(originally for Soprano and Orchestra)
Nov. 19 2012 
Arizona State University - Katzin

Helena Yip | Soprano
Xuan Li | Flute
Yang Jiang | Piano

Songs from the Farmland (2012)

for Harp and Piano

The ideas of this piece is from some folk songs of a small town in south China, where is called "Qing Pu". Composer went there for folk songs collection in 2006. People living there called their music "Land Song". They like singing, and songs are important for their daily life. Composer use the materials from Land Songs to describe the life in the small town.

I. Early Morning

II. In Paddyfields

III. Ceremony

Virginia Miner | Harp

Yang Jiang | Piano

THREE (2011)

for Trumpet in Bb, Violin & Cello 

THREE, the title have multiple meaning. First, it is suggesting the core intervals of this piece, which are minor third and major third. Secondly, this piece is performed by three different instruments. The music is trying to show the different character of those instruments, and the competition of the players. Furthermore, this piece has three movements, which have totally different feelings. The music comes from silence and back to silence. 

Alex Wilson | Trumpet

Shenhui Guan | Violin

Andrew Bukowinski | Cello

Jiang's works are diversity covered chamber music, ensemble, electronic music and Chinese folk music. Her works have been performed in Shanghai and Arizona. Her paper, which focuses on Henry Cowell's piano work, had won the second prize of the First National Symposium on Music analytics in Shanghai 2009. She also is a member of the International Alliance for Women in Music, and the Society of Composers, Inc.